Fennec Consulting

The focus is on long-term results and not on temporary solutions to problems.  The aim is to create a sustainable IT environment to support your digital ambitions.

To have a future, you need a present. In other words, while continuing to change an additional focus on operational stability and improvement is required.

While maintaining ongoing operational continuity the IT and the business is tranformed.  Continually keeping People, Process and Technology in balance while implementing new technologies,  IT paradigms,, methodologies and organisational models.

  • IT Opertions & Infrastucture Management 
  • DevOps, Agile
  • Systems Development
  • Cloud
  • (Out)Sourcing

Fennec can help with .......

Flexible Infrastructure

Effectively Integrating cloud (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS) solutions into your IT environment  

Continuous Improvement

Change in culture, proces and methodology to improve  overall efficiency and quality

Cost Reduction

Year on year structural cost improvements. More efficient technology and proces


Reducing the complexity of IT and creating the right, manageable,  IT eco-system for your business


Define and implement a sourcing strategy and manage the suppliers


IT technology is one thing, but it also needs to be secure and compliant

Making Change Happen

Creating momentum for the required change

IT Operations

Creating and maintaining a stable IT environment, running 7*24

Paul Fox

(Interim) Senior IT Manager/Director

While maintaining, and improving, operational continuity Paul helps companies with their Digital Transformation by creating the necessary IT foundations. New technologies, paradigms, methodologies and organisational forms.

He has experience in a variety of senior (IT) functions both in the Netherlands and abroad.

He has worked as IT DataCenter and Operations Manager at ING, Achmea and the Dutch Railway (NS). Responsible Manager for Systems Development at Logica (now CGI) as a Division Director in the Netherlands and CEO of Logica Sweden. .